From 2013......

TLC was founded by Samantha “Sam” Martinez, an upcoming entrepreneur, animal owner-lover, people person, and a “just get it done and take care of things” kind of girl (and a transplant from the UK), and Karen Shultz, a long time Austin resident, tech entrepreneur and a proud Mom to a golden retriever.

Over the years, Karen and many of her friends who were working professionals and frequent travelers, demanded high quality in-home care for their pets, and care taking for their primary and secondary homes. Sam was always the first choice for pet sitting, care for the home and garden and just about anything other needs that came along.

In 2013, Karen and Sam teamed up to start Trusting Loving Caring Home & Pet Services. With a common goal and desire to deliver the highest level of customer service to clients and to be the trusted caregiver, we strive to make our clients lives just a little easier with peace of mind.

...... to today.

In 2016, as was always the intention, Samantha took over sole control of TLC.

Having built up a solid and extensive client base, it is now our responsibility to offer them all the finest and most comprehensive service possible. We will only achieve this by constantly challenging ourselves to improve on a daily basis and by listening to our clients through their feedback and recommendations, and by so doing, ensuring the continued success and growth of TLC to the benefit of all.

The aim of TLC remains to ensure that our clients can rest easy while on vacation, or focus at work, secure in the knowledge that their pets and home are safe, happy and professionally cared for. To do this we have added features such as instant feedback, where clients receive daily emails with pictures of their pets and an update of how things are at home. 

Our staff work as one team and we constantly learn and improve with each new challenge, using these shared experiences to grow an already extensive knowledge base even further.